Monday, April 26, 2010

Crocheters and Knitters, check out these handy bowls!

Just posted this on my Wool Mountain Blog, but this definitely deserves a post here also.

Again, I'm amazed at the wonderful items I find on etsy. Recently came across these terrific yarn bowls at Julie Knowles Pottery

Below are a few pics of her bowls with direct links. What a wonderful idea for keeping your yarn ball from rolling around while you are working.

Sweet on Mom Flower Yarn Bowl in Green and Chartreuse, Hand Made Stoneware Potter

Sweet on Mom Polka Dot Yarn Bowl, Hand Made Stoneware Pottery


Laura said...

Oh ooooh oooooooooooohhh - I want them all, envy button where are you. Airmail me all of them! What a clever clever idea!!!! Thank you for showing them on your blog, they are simply marvellous, beautiful and practical.

joven said...

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