Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well, not really, I've been here. However, my internet connection decided to take little "day trips" and was not behaving. Connection for five minutes, no connection for an hour, going on and off whenever it wanted to, staying on when it wanted to....finally the repair person came along and the problem is solved (fingers crossed)

News, well CGOA convention in Buffalo is in August and yes I'm going.....all the people, all the classes, all the yarn and Niagara Falls! Ok, yes I know, strange combo, but I haven't been to Niagara Falls since around 1966 with the Girl Scouts....I'm sure the area has changed...and I want to do the boat thing by the falls, didn't get to do that with the Girl Scouts. Ok, let's face it, I'm a lot older.

Working my fingers to the bone with the crochet hook and yarn.....did a few craft shows and they were very disappointing, one show actually didn't even have any people show up...guess it is the economy.

Please visit my woolmountain studio website , there are links in the site to my etsy, 1000markets and artfire page.

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