Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Yes they are! I am always in awe of the wonderfully talented people I meet on etsy.

A while back Kay Malouff (alsatiagray on etsy)purchased one of my freeform hats on etsy. She recently contacted me to tell me how many compliments she received when she wore the hat at the Great Basin National Park in Nevada where she recently had been chosen this year's Artist-in-residence. As the artist-in-residence she spent what became a six week stint to design and create a 33 sq ft. stained glass for their new visitor's center.

I am so impressed. The stain glass window is fabulous, very impressive. So I just had to post here about it. Below are some pics of the stain glass that is now part of the new visitor center at Great Basin National Park and also some links to Kay's website and her etsy shop (please see links below the pictures).

In Kay's own words: "this project is not indicative of the usual AIR project; artists are required to donate a piece of their work for the priviledge of being chosen; but this park had recently built a new visitors' center & the top windows were a problem as far as window-coverings because of sun-glare. The lower windows have retractable shades. So when they chose me; they asked if I would consider doing this project if they bought my supplies."

Last fall Kay did an AIR stint at Mesa Verde Nat'l Park here in CO, and did a smaller portable piece which can be found on her site (link below).

You can click on each picture for a larger view.

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Rowan said...

how wonderful to see your write up about one of my favorite people! Kay is a true original and a fine artist, not to mention a crazy and true friend.