Thursday, August 07, 2008


As a freeform crocheter/knitter have you ever been stumped when trying to decide how certain colors would work together?

For years I have used a small kaleidoscope which I purchased as a necklace. I just place all the yarns I want to use in a freeform project together and look at them through my necklace kaleidoscope. In the kaleidoscope pattern you can see just how well all the colors work together.

I haven't seen a necklace like mine since, so I was pleasantly surprised when Mel of Felt-Up Designs on Etsy purchased one of my hats on Etsy. I went to take a peek at Mel's shop and there I saw necklace kaleidoscopes. I just had to post and let you all know that these great kaleidoscope necklaces are available at:

And Mel's kaleidoscope necklaces are a great price, I paid twice as much for mine from another artist and that was ten years ago. Below are a few pics of the kaleidoscope necklaces and a great necklace with felted beads:

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Margot van Zyl said...

Hi i would love a Kaleidoscope necklace, i would like it to be plain with nothing on it no pattern etc, as i would like to engrave something myself on this possible ?

kind regards