Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2008 International Freeform Fiberart Guild Challenge

Just to let you know “the good news”. You might remember me mentioning that I was making a freeform crochet piece and it was a “big secret”.

Well, it’s no longer a big secret. The challenge called the 2008 International Freefrom Fiberart Guild Challenge, “Through Our Eyes is now online at:

This beautiful presentation was put together by Myra Woods and represents pieces by Myra and 34 other fiber artists, all members of the International Freeform Fiberart Guild.

And Myra came up with an added surprise, not only is the exhibit online for all to see, but there is a companion book available for purchase, hardcover or softcover, which includes photos of each piece and either a poem or writing for each piece.

One hundred percent of the profits, that is a $10.00 donation per book, will go to the Women for Women International. You can learn more about this dedicated group at:

The book can be purchased through:

Please take a look at this wonderful online exhibition, hope you enjoy it and are inspired by it.

Here is a picture of my piece that is included in this book.


Voleurdebijoux said...


You are an amazing artist and I am so happy for you!! Your work is truly fabulous and they should belong in print!! Congrats!!! : )

Voleur de Bijoux

Anonymous said...

Amazing job! Congratulations Leslie :)