Sunday, May 11, 2008


On April 13, 2008 I had the unique experience of teaching a beginning freeform crochet class. What a blast....I had so much fun teaching this class....because I had four terrific students that made it easy and a great shop and shop owner (Sheila of Stix-n-Stitches in Montclair, NJ), thanks again Sheila for this terrific opportunity!) who made it all happen.

I had brought some of my freeform crochet lace wrist cuffs as an example (picture below).

We went over basic freeform shapes and then I let them "go" as I gave them suggestions and they each made some reallly terrific first time pieces.

Here is picture of my terrific students:

Starting at the left: Deborah, Sheri, Carla and Mary

Here is Deborah's freeform wrist cuff.

Sheri wanted to make her first freeform piece into a handbag, after having seen one of Margaret Hubert's freeform handbags and here is Sheri's freeform piece, below, working towards the freeform handbag.

Here is Carla's freeform wrist cuff,

And here is Mary's freeform wrist cuff.

I think they did such a great job and I hope I got them started on the road to Freeform Crochet.

Great Job Ladies, and thank you for being such talented students.

If you are reading my posts and are in the NY/NJ Metro area and can get to Montclair, NJ, please stop by Stix-n-Stitches on GlenRidge Road in the shopping district of Montclair, off Bloomfield Avenue, this is one great shop!


SianaBanana said...

I love your free form cuffs. You should make an online tutorial about the basics of free forming. Would love to learn some tips. I wouldnt know where to start!!

zanygrey said...


If you can read this, email me at and I can help you with links to freeform tutorials.

Anonymous said...

I love everything!!!