Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Cat Who Will Need A Shrink, I Think...

Miss Kitty, aka Evil Kitty, Little Girl, Slut Kitty, Lump Kitty. Part Maine Coon Cat, part, well your guess is as good as any and ALL BOY, yep, that's right she or excuse me he is all boy. When we took Miss Kitty for the first shots when she, oh yeh he, was a kitten the vet we saw told us the kitten was a girl. We then took him for his rabies shot and our regular vet said, guess what, this is a boy! Talk about embarrassing! So Miss Kitty is male and since he answers to Miss Kitty, he will always be Miss Kitty and we still call him Little Girl. Occupations: Yarn Thief, Furniture Accessory, Window Dressing. Yes, he is multi-talented, and probably will need a shrink one of these days. He was born April 15, 2005 and by the time he was six months old he was bigger than both of the other "boys". As you can see from the picture, he is not your average cat; notice the way he sleeps, doesn't curl up like other cats. Ignore the date of the original post; I had to update the info when the gender error became a fact of life.

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